Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Artcic blasts and broken pipes

This homeowner had experienced a previous pipe break in her home and called us back when her pipes in the adjacent room were affected by the arctic vortex that ... READ MORE

Mitigation process at local business

In the before picture you can see the area behind the lockers, an area that is marked off with a marker stating 2 feet. One of our project managers has used the... READ MORE

Make sure drainage grates are cleared

A heavy downpour during a thunderstorm contributed to flooding this basement through the garage at the bottom of a sloped driveway. The drainage grate in front ... READ MORE

Heavy rains and flooding

A local bank had some unfortunate flooding due to a heavy rainstorm that moved through the area , dumping up to an inch an hour of rain. The bank had a sump pum... READ MORE

Ice storm and frozen pipes

Multiple arctic cold fronts and arctic vortexes moved through our area this winter wreaking havoc on homes and businesses plumbing systems. One of the arctic st... READ MORE

Heavy rains flooded the basement.

When a line of heavy storms moved through the area , the intense downpours ended up contributing to the flooded of this homeowners basement. When the flooding i... READ MORE