Water Damage Photo Gallery

Floor mat drying system set up on wood floor next to a stud wall.

Leaking kitchen island hot water feed line

The homeowner found a hot water line leaking on their center kitchen island after returning home from a business trip.The water line had been leaking for an unknown amount of time and the damage was extensive. Our technicians were able to save the hardwood flooring with the floor mat drying system.

A technician in a PPE suit bagging up carpet.

Carpet and pad removal from a water damage

One of our technicians removing and bagging up carpet and pad in a home that sustained a water damage from a broken toilet feed line. The water damage was not found for a week and the carpet and pad was removed due to heavy odor and the carpet backing separating from the carpet fibers

An installed floor mat drying system with portions of wall removed

Floor Mat Drying System

A Harrison homeowner had a major water leak that affected their wood flooring. We were able to get our floor mat drying system installed quickly in order to limit the damage from water by drying the floors out quickly.

Kitchen counter and tile floor with damaged ceiling pieces on top of it.

Frozen pipes in Pound Ridge, NY

The oil tank in this house was empty and the baseboard heating pipes throughout the house burst in multiple locations on multiple floors. The kitchen ceiling was so saturated that the drywall absorbed an excessive amount of water and collapsed under the weight. We were able to get all of the wet drywall and floors out of the home and facilitate drying in a timely manner.

4 Large dehumdifiers  and floor mat drying system sitting on a plastic covered wood floor

Water Damaged Wood Floor?

We have the equipment for that! This is part of the equipment we used in a West Harrison home to remediate the water damage to heir hardwood floors. The customer was happy with our immediate response and their floors were left "Like it never even happened."

A new extraction machine with hoses in an open box.

Brand New Extractor!

Our brand new state of the art extractor just got in yesterday. This should make things much move much quicker if we have a large amount of water to move on the job. Hopefully, we won't need to use this on your property but if we do know we will make it "Like it never even happened" that much faster.