Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Door and wall with heavy soot damage.

Heavy soot damage

The picture shows how heavy soot damage can be in some areas after a fire. Our technicians will use SERVPRO cleaning techniques when cleaning a property after a fire. If the soot damage is heavy and has stained surfaces it will need to be repainted or replaced.

Attic space with insulation and a HVAC system.

Smoke filled attic

The fire damage was minimal in this home. The smoke from the fire filled the attic space of this home and the smoke odor permeated the blown in insulation and had to be removed. Our technicians had to wear Personal Protective Equipment such as a tyvex suit, gloves and eye protection to protect them from themselves from the insulation. 

Burnt ceiling beams and roof with a hole in it.

Garage door opener caused fire

There was a garage door opener in the rafters of this home owners attached garage but due to an electrical issue the garage door opener caught fire. The fire caused significant fire damage to the roof and rafters. Secondary damage was caused by smoke and soot which found its way into the home. 

Our experienced and trained technicians were able to clean the soot off of  the homeowners possessions. Air scrubbers were also installed to remove the smoke odor from the air in the home.

We also removed the contents from the garage and store them here at our facility for when the insurance adjuster was able to sort through the contents with the homeowner and us.

A home with an attached garage that is boarded up

Garage fire in North Salem

A garage fire that occurred in North Salem , NY . We had to clean the entire interior of the home and contents because smoke and soot worked it way through the entire home. We were able to provide storage for the families belongings and inventory it for the insurance company. The damage to the garage was so severe that the family had to rebuild it.

A large room with the ceiling removed and heavy soot damage

Convenience Store Fire

There was a fire at a local convenience store. Our crew removed all the contents which included shelving, inventory, counter tops, refrigerators and freezers. This is the space after everything was cleaned out.

A cafe wall with soot damage that has been halfway cleaned

Cafe fire and smoke damage

You can see the significant difference on this wall from the SERVPRO sponge we use for soot cleanup on hard services. After one pass there is a big difference and our crews will wash the walls with Wall and All after wiping down all the surfaces. Sometimes it takes a few passes of the sponges to get as much soot off as possible.

After all the surfaces are sponged and washed we had our air scrubbers running to clean the and remove the smoke smell from the air particles in the café . The customer was satisfied with the work we did.