Storm Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO van parked in a driveway with an open garage door.

A slope driveway directs thunderstorm downpours into the basement area

A fast moving thunderstorm with heavy rains drenched this neighborhood and the heavy rains rain down the driveway to the garage. The basement area behind the garage was flooded with a few inches of water. Our technicians were able to get as close as possible and extract the standing water from the flooded basement area.

Carpet removed around a row of filing cabinets.

Heavy rains flooded a basement

Heavy rains overwhelmed a homes sump pump and flooded this local home. The call was received after hours and our emergency crew responded and extracted the standing water and removed the carpet in the office area. The raised flooring needed to be removed to access all the moisture underneath and to facilitate an even drying process.

Storm door and entry door with a flood mark of two feet high.

Basement apartment flooded

The owner of this apartment gave us a call after a recent heavy rainstorm that had torrential downpours happening intermittently flooded out their rental unit. Upon the initial visit we were able to determine that the drains at the bottom of the steps were clogged with debris and the homeowner also stated he did not hear the sump pump turn on .

We advised the homeowner to contact the professionals to look at the sump pump and we began our clean up process. Unfortunately the renter did not have insurance on their personal belongings and a majority of their personal belongings were heavily damaged and needed to be discarded.

A large basement with piles of toys,a large puddle and a dehumidifier.

Heavy rain storm and finished basement flooded after sump pump failed

A finished basement flooded during a heavy rainstorm the sump pump also failed increasing the damage to the home. The call was received after hours by our on-call person and the on-call techs responded quickly.

Bottom of the stairs that has a water line above the first step.

Heavy rains and sloping driveways

This home sustained substantial water damage from a heavy rain storm when their drainage system was not functioning properly and the water running down the driveway inundated their finished basement. 

The back wall of a home with a 3 feet water mark and flood debris

Heavy Rains and Creek overflow

The local resident of this home was in the unfortunate path of a creek overflow due to heavy rain storms. The water rose rapidly and flowed into the finished basement of his home. There was several feet of water that inundated the basement as seen by the water line on the exterior of the house .  We were able to remove all affected materials walls, floors and damaged personal items after an inventory was complete for the insurance company. We also helped him find HVAC and Electrical contractors to check all appliances, HVAC systems in the affected areas  and the wiring in the house.