Commercial Photo Gallery

Retail basement space with residual sewage on the concrete floor.

Sewage back up in a retail store basement

A retail store had a sewage back up and called us in to clean it up. The cause of the back up was a clogged sewage line from an abundance of hygiene products clogged the sewage drain pipe and backed up into a storage area. Our technicians were able to power wash and extract the affected area and treat it with antimicrobial agents.

A technician in a PPE suit removing drywall.

Water damage at a local bank

One of our certified and trained technicians removes affected drywall from a water mitigation job at a local bank. All of the affected materials were removed ,discarded properly  and cleaned with a plant based antimicrobial agent. 

plastic covered floor with orange hose leading to work van outside of the building.

Floor protection for a commercial job

A local business called us in to handle sewage removal from the basement area under their business. Our technicians set up plastic sheeting on the floor leading all the way to the affected area to prevent any sewage being carried to the main floor of the business. The protective layer is a precaution used to keep unaffected areas clean of any dirt or debris. We care about our customers businesses and handle every job with caution ,care and concern.

Office hallway with air movers in two doorways.

A leaky roof from recent rains created wet offices

A leaky roof created a water event when heavy rains came through our area. Our crew was able to get to the job in a timely manner to extract all affected areas and set up drying equipment to get the offices back to "Like it never even happened."

a shower stall with the top removed and the ceiling above cut out.

Retirement community had a multi-floor water event

This local retirement community had a pipe break on the 3rd floor of their building. They called us here at SERVPRO of White Plains and New Rochelle to handle the leak and damage from the water coming through 3 floors. We have the equipment and training to handle large or small commercial water events.

An employee in a tyvex suit cleaning in a crawl space.

Personal Protective Equipment

One of our highly trained technicians in the crawl space of a local business cleaning up and extracting Catergory 3 water , raw sewage from a backed up city connection. Training and protecting our technicians and customer homes and businesses is a major priority for us here at SERVPRO of White Plains and New Rochelle.