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Mold In Your Car, It's A Thing!

7/25/2022 (Permalink)

Did you know that your car can have mold in it? Mold in cars can be caused by a variety of things, it is imperative to find out what is causing the mold and get that fixed as soon as you can, to ensure your car doesn’t get mold again. 

Here are a few things that could potentially be causing mold to grow in your car: 

  • Water entering your car is one of the most common reasons for mold, it could be coming in through a crack in the underneath part of your vehicle, such as the footwell, or through a poorly sealed window or sunroof. Because the water has entered and not been dried or is continuously entering and not drying out at all, it will cause mold to grow. 
  • Spilled food or drink is the other most common cause of mold; if a drink has been spilled onto the fabric seat and hasn’t been washed or dried, it will most likely form mold. If food has been dropped onto the floor and stood on or just left, it can cause mold to grow, and potentially spread. 
  • Flooding of your car will cause mold, maybe the window was left open, and there was heavy rainfall while driving through deep puddle water managed to get in flooding the car. If the water isn’t drained pretty quickly and dried really well, it will become a breeding ground for mold, and soon starting growing. 
  • Pets can also carry mold spores, so it would be a good idea to get a doggy seat or lay down a sheet for your pooch to sit on when in the car next. 

There are other factors which can cause mold, leaking air con units, not drying your car after washing it, or leaving it in the sun with no ventilation while the inside is wet, these are all ways that can cause mold to grow in your car. Ever come back from the beach or the pool and everyone sat on the seats in wet suits? Parked in the hot sun this can cause mold.  

You will be able to notice mold in the car pretty quickly; it only takes a few days to grow so you will soon be able to see it after it forms. It is a fast-growing and even faster spreading. As soon as you notice it, work on getting rid of it to prevent further and permanent damage to your vehicle. You don’t want to put on your air conditioner or heat and have it blowing in your car, blowing around mold spores! 

Mold can appear in different forms depending on what type of mold it is; you will need to work out which kind of mold is growing in your car to know how to treat it. But usually, mold looks dusty, fuzzy, or slimy and can vary in color to white, grey, green, or black, and more. 

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